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Dual intelligence logic training program
Adopting the most flexible technology of GPT-4 and integrating STradeGPT's unique AI system, it is perfectly integrated, presenting the first dual intelligence logic training program in the field of technology and finance, Dual Intelligence Logic Training Algorithm (DILTA), an expert in investment decision-making . DILTA collects the latest information from the market and cooperative institutions 24 hours a day, and processes it repeatedly, so that the accuracy can reach nearly 100.
Essence of GPT-4
StradeGPT AI
1) Superb thinking ability
2) Accutately calculate complex equations
3 ) Powerful pocessing capability
Advantage of Speed
Advantage of Accuracy
Advantage of Assurance
The perfect combination of DILTA's top technology - parameters and computing power
GPT-4 has 3.3T parameters, which can effectively solve complex language tasks
GPT-4 uses Tree-Based Reasoning to complete the modeling.
Tree Reasoning – with practical thinking coping skills
DILTA calculation method
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as careful consideration of the impact.
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